UI/UX, concept, prototyping 

Project description:

Most people kill a plant in their lifetime, obviously not on purpose. Our product will help people tend for their houseplants, learn about the microclimates they live and species that will thrive in their homes. The data is broadcasted and visualized through the app. Value is created by delivering the right information and displaying in an attractive way.


The key strategy is to promote plant health and help people take care of houseplants. The concept is to sell a pot that would have a wifi module. The pot will be filled with dirt and any plant of choice. The app shows current conditions of humidity, light, soil moisture and temperature. Users can set alerts that will trigger notifications reminding to water the plant.


  1. Adding only the right features and exciting users to share their achievements.

  2. Developing a pot that is attractive and cost effective

  3. Easy setup of pot and software


  1. Deliverables: pot and app interface

  2. Social network of users

  3. Database with location and species

  4. Badges of accomplishment

  5. Plant quizzes